Kusang is five and her younger sister Dolma is four years old. They live in Phoo, one of the most remote villages in northern Nepal. Their mother passed away two years ago; they are being brought up together with two small brothers by their father who is a farmer. The day of these children starts by taking a herd of goats to pastures. They collect firewood throughout the day while overseeing the herd. Before the evening breaks the girls rush home where they do their school work, set the fire in the stove and wait for their father with hot Nepali tea. The family reunites every evening cherishing the moments spent together, singing, dancing, and going through aging photographs remembering their mother.During my recent trip to Nepal, I had the privilege to spend a few days with the hospitable family of Kusang Lama, a shepherd and a farmer in the remote village of Phu high up in the Himalayas. The photo captures a relaxed moment after dinner when the youngest son takes the Yaks are indispensable in remote villages of Nepal where life goes still  in its traditional ways. Not only are they the main source of milk, butter, cheese and meat; they are also used to draw ploughs. However, before the young yak bulls can be deployed as plough operating field machinery they need to be tamed. These otherwise enormously strong and resistant animals have a single weak spot - the nostril. The villagers learned to exploit it by piercing it and putting a lead rope through it. This operation often does not go without a fight and creates a spectacle for the village kids. It may look cruel, but before you begin to judge, consider that these people live and die with their animals, they would never harm them unnecessarily, nor kill them just for fun like you can see it in some other cultures.The family of a yak herder lives during the summer months in this yak wool tent set up high up in the mountains, while yaks enjoy the green pasture. This tent is their kitchen, children room, living room, bedroom and should there be any visitors passing by, also the guestroom.  The winter announces itself with the first snow and that is a clear sign for the tent inhabitants that they must descend to a nearby village to pass the harsh winter.

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